A Creative Week

4S have had a very busy and creative week this week. The cover photo is a water colour and ink painting inspired by our focus text - 'The Promise' by Nicola Davies. I am sure you will agree, it is 'happiness on a page'! Very reflective of the children's demeanor this week! 

They have been planning their writing which will be descriptions of the contrasting cities and people in the story. Their ideas are imaginative, with amazing language choices and I cannot wait to read their finished pieces.

The Maths focus has been counting in 1000s which may sound simple however the problems solving aspect has been very challenging but the children's resilience has ensured great progress. An example - Sally counted 40 tens and landed on 9000, where did she begin? There are two possible answers!

In History the children have been learning about the spread of the Roman Empire and their prior knoweldge of countries around the world was very apparant. 

Children's rights was this week's Jigsaw focus and created a lot of healthy discussion and illustrated a maturity of thought amongst the children. ALL the children were very clear and passionate about what they saw as their 'rights' and put 'The right to love and care, freedom from conflict and exploitation' as the most important with 'The right to education and healthcare' next. 

In RE the children enjoyed learning about the 10 Commandments and the story that led to their being. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching you this week 4S. Can't wait for Week 4!