What's that sound?

We have been extremely lucky this week to have Mr Jackson come in and teach us a lesson on sound, in particular soundwaves, timbre and pitch. We did lots of different experiments including: using different lengths of sting to tests the pitch, using boom whackers to make different levelled sounds, a human soundwave and even shouting through walls to see what it travels through! We all had a wonderful time and thanks again to Mr Jackson for spending a whole afternoon teaching us.

In Maths we have been practicing more column addition and subtraction, working with 4 digit numbers. We started off with addition, using either the compact or expanded method and then moved onto subtraction. Some of us even did 4-digit addition and subtraction mentally!

In English, we started the week by researching facts about Roman slaves. We then used this information to make our own plays. Mrs. Oatridge came in and watched ours and said they were excellent! Mrs. Oatridge even gave us 2 marbles for the jar for our brilliant work!  Next week we shall be writing a Diary entry as if we are slaves from the Roman times. (Look out for this week's Home Learning).

Monday is ROMAN DAY - be prepared for some great dressing up, role play as well as crafts, cooking and Roman Maths! Teachers will be dressing up too!

Week 7 spellings list has been handed out today. All children were reminded to put it inside their spellings folder. If your child does not have one, please come and ask myself or one of the TA’s in the class that week.

Have a lovely weekend.