Please Miss Jobbins!

This week we have been extremely busy – it hasn’t stopped and has gone so quickly!

In English this week we have been continuing with our topic of Poems (which finished this week).The poem this week was called ‘ Please Mrs Butler’ by Allan Ahlberg. It tells the story of a teacher who is asked so many questions she finally cracks and tells people to , for example, ‘go and sit in the loo’ when they ask a question! The children changed elements of the poem- the name of the teacher, the complaints and what the teacher responded with. We had some very hilarious ideas and very comical replies. The children then presented these to one another. Next week we will be starting our new topic – Explanation texts.

In math’s this week we have been looking at 3 digit subtractions using the compact or expanded method. The children were able to choose which one they could work better with and have done reams and reams of pages! We then moved onto the same topic, but this time they had to borrow to help subtract numbers. Some people even moved onto 4 digit subtraction! Very exciting!

In History this week, we have continued without topic of ‘Romans’. We looked at the different shield designs that different Roman armies had and designed our own with the same premise of theirs. The children came up with some really excellent ideas and this is also linked to this week’s home learning.


Please note: Your children's spelling right up until week 6 has been handed out and either put into the spelling folder or in their bag. If your child does not have these sheets please let me know by Monday. Thank you.