The Living Rainforest!

We were very fortunate this week to visit The Living Rainforest. We learnt a lot of new facts and enjoyed seeing a variety of animals, including a sloth, magnificent poison dark frogs and a variety of fish. The children were so well behaved, that we even received an email from a member of the public, congratulating us on our magnificent behaviour. Myself and Ms Wellsbury are incredibly proud of them and their mature behaviour on our trip. We also wish to that the parents and other members of staff who accompanied us on our trip, we wouldn’t have been able to go without you!

We are busy preparing for Sports Day and for Midsummer Night's Dream so it is a very hectic time of year and we all need to keep our cool, especially in this heat. Can I remind everyone to please have a water bottle and a sun hat, as well as your trainers in school! It is so important that you are not trying to sprint in unsuitable footwear!

Sports day is next Tuesday and please remember to buy tickets for A Midsummer Night’s Dream next Saturday. All of Year 4 are performing a wonderful dance that would be a shame to miss!