Harvest time already!

This week has been a particularly busy week for 4J. In English this week we have been innovating our best text – ‘Perseus and Medusa’. We have made our own versions of the story, changing the characters, gifts given by the god and the century it is in. Our focus was to change the story from a Greek myth to a Roman myth. This has been very interesting and we have had some excellent ideas! We have also worked as a team to write our own parts of the story and will next week be planning and writing our own ‘Perseus and Medusa’ stories.

In Maths we have been looking at doubling and halving 3 –digit numbers and also unit and equivalent fractions. We have also shaded different fractions and worked on our reflection and justification techniques.

In topic, we have continued with the Romans. This week we looked at Roman roads, in particular the Roman roads that they built in the UK and how they were built. This was really interesting as we saw some pictures of roads made by the Romans that are still around today, over 2000 Years ago! In Art, we have been continuing our work on tessellations and have made our own arrow shaped art work.

We have also been practing our Harvest performance, which was today in the church. It went really well and all the children performed beautifully and worked extremely hard to make a really wonderful harvest play. I am so proud of all that they have achieved and I cannot wait to see some of them up on the stage for the Christmas performance.