Division mania!

In maths this week, we have been leaning how to divide numbers just beyond known time’s tables by single digit numbers, for example: 90 ÷ 6. We then continued with this objective but also included sums that contained remainders. This was a little tricky at times but we all got it in the end! We have also continued with our Thursday metal maths times tables quiz. We started these 3 weeks ago. Every Thursday the children are given a mental maths time’s table’s quiz, containing different time’s table’s sums and word problems. Their scores are then recorded and those children who continuously get them all right each week, for 5 weeks, will get a CBG and Miss Jobbins sticker.

In English this week, we have been creating our own Explanation posters on ‘How do the Roman Army use their shields in battle?’ We started the week by culminating all of our information together and writing our explanations in our books. We then DIRTed and Peer assess each other’s work. We then went on to create our posters on A3 paper. We have ended up with brilliant posters that you will now be able to see around the classroom and school.

In Art this week, we have created our Angels for the Church Christmas tree using plastic spoons. They all look magnificent and the children have taken a lot of time over them. They will look brilliant on the tree. In RE this week, using the children’s wonderful home learning, we have been drawing and labelling our own Christingles. We have also started creating our own Christmas windows in our RE books. In Topic this week, we are coming towards the end of our Romans topic. This week we looked at the Roman baths. We did a comprehension, some research and also some activities based on them. In PSHE this week we have continued with this terms theme ‘celebrating differences’, looking at bullying. The children discussed and reflected on different types of bullying and how to help. They were very good and were able to offer some very mature and respectful answers. In indoor PE this week, we have continued with our theme gymnastics. We got out the

Next week in English we will be looking at diary entries, hopefully writing our own the week after. In Maths we will be looking at mentally adding and subtracting from 3 and 4 – digit numbers.