Spring Energy

Spring has sprung which has given us all a bounce in our steps. We will need lots of energy and determination as we embark on ‘grid multiplication’ this week – much easier and effective than ‘long multiplication’.

Our trip to Warriner for lambing was delightful. All the children embraced the opportunity with enthusiasm and appropriateness. We loved scratching goats behind their ears, counting busy piglets as well as waiting patiently incase a ewe lambed! There was plenty of ‘star gazing’ but no new born lambs.

Wednesday offers a special French lesson with food to taste and a chance to locate France on the map as well as identifying aspects of French Culture – there may be some reference to ‘gilet jaunes’.

The children have developed their debating skills really well. As a class we have really enjoyed weighing up arguments ‘for’ and ‘against’. This week the children will have a chance to write up their discussions and share them with each other.

Keep up with daily reading and spelling practice please.