Another week has flown by and we all feel proud to have learned much and applied that knowledge to our activities. One of our focusses has been angles and we have loved the challenge of protractor use.  We have used our common sense when estimating the degrees in Obtuse versus Acute angles before using our protractor with a great deal of success.

Exciting recounts are always entertaining. We have all enjoyed Kevin’s recount of the enchantress stealing him. We have focused on Fronted Adverbials again as well as Time Connectives. Watch this space for our own Recounts!

We had a wonderful experience with Wade Gymnastic! Forty-five minutes of professional Gymnastics teaching. We learned to jump, plie, tuck, squat, balance and the finale – a forwards roll! It was really interesting and energizing.

We have been asking more questions this week throughout our learning – Does any about our learning puzzle us? What is difficult about the learning? Is there more to learn?

Superstars have done really well and everyone has been very sensible about sneezing into their elbows rather than all over each other. Next week the wonderful trip to the Hindu Temple!