Happy Valentine's Day

Despite the miserable weather of the past few weeks (don’t we say that every year?) and numerous viruses and associated symptoms, Class 3SJ have scorched to the end of Term three with gusto! We finished off our three-week cycle of writing with some sensational recounts. Fundamentally, a recount should be based on a true happening. For effect we just had to embellish our pieces with an element of drama! If everything we read is to be true then our class have had some exciting times; helicopter rescues from sea, narrow escapes from avalanches to name a couple. Well Done for developing your unique writing style.

We learned all about why we celebrate Valentine's Day - it stems from the Roman Empire!

Thank you to Super Stars this week and for continuing to be a very kind, caring and considerate group of children.

Have a well-earned rest, have some fun and come back for Term Four bursting with energy and resilience!