We are underway!

We are sorry to have not blogged since the start of the year and hope this finds you well and positive two weeks into January! Class 3SH have been working on our Resolutions – or our Dreams and Goals, and some of us have been more successful than others! Do you think William Morris made resolutions? He seems to have been such a talented and busy person we wonder if he had need to improve! We have loved copying some of his designs and enlarging them so the full detail can be appreciated. Look out for our depictions on our display board.

English has given us the chance to learn the ‘quest’ story – The Enchantress of the singing sands. We loved the excitement of the father’s search for his three kidnapped children. The passage has been particularly helpful to us as we embedded our understanding of adverbs – Literally, the passage is littered with them!  Well done to everyone for their adverb Home Learning.

Maths has been busy with work on addition and subtraction as well as weight and mass. Our Times Tables are coming along too helped by our lesson on dividing and multiplying by 10. Ask any of us to tell us which way the digits jump!

We are all looking forward to swimming lessons that start on 06.02.18! Let’s hope it has warmed up by then.

Top Achiever was Annabelle with her handwriting, Lewis B with his spelling, Lewis A with his Maths, Jordan with his Times Tables and Noah for his Adverb hunting. Great Reading effort from Max and Emily.

Have a happy weekend.