Money, Money, Money....

You can trust us to give you the correct change after a week of working with money where we have found the change from £10.00 and £5.00 as well as a range of money word problems.  Most of us were able to calculate mentally! Particular congratulations go to Iris, Bella, Alicia and Emily.

The children were quick to learn about the features required in a recount and have done well this week to write one in only two days. Well Done to Ethan and Isla for catching up from days off sick and to Lewis B for his independent work. Sadie, Harrison and Fearn have made noticeable improvements in the length and content of their written pieces.

Mrs Ducker was really, really proud of everyone at swimming on Tuesday. Sensible walking to the pool and back, quick changing, responsible behaviour near the water and great effort once in the pool. Keep up your efforts 3SH.

Ravi, Thomas R and Alissia did beautiful block printing, choosing an attractive combination of colours for their ultimate piece of art work. Everyone worked with great focus to attach their string to their card board.  Look out for our display.

Great reading commitment from Jack, Lewis A and Ava.  For those who have not been mentioned this week, you have been mentioned in our blog this term and you have continued to do really well. Have a really super half term break.