Wonderful Week 1!

The children returned after the festive break settled and eager to learn this week. 

The spelling and grammar focus was word classes. Children did a variety of activities enabling them to identify and name words that belonged to the following word classes - nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs.

This term's 'best text' - Stone Soup was introduced with a reading of the text and then children choosing a scene to draw on on and decorate a stone. These stones were then sequenced to retell the story. 

In Maths the children revisited addition and developed their understanding of the Year 2 expanded method to consolidate their understanding of the Year 3 column addition method. Dienes (Base 10) was used to represent numbers and illustrate how to exchange 1s and 10s to cross 10s and 100s. All the children worked extremely hard and this was reflected in the well presented understanding in their books. What 'Marvellous Mathematicians' they all are!

The children will be discussing the question 'Did Jesus really heal people?' in RE and the starting point this week was to share their first thoughts as to what miracle are and enjoy stories about some of the miracles Christians believe Jesus performed.