We are poets and we do know it!

Class 2SC have really enjoyed exploring and appreciating poetry through a range of books. In anticipation of writing our own fruit poems, on Wednesday, we tried a range of fruit in class, using our senses to inspire the lanuage. We are looking forward to writing our own poems next week and putting them on display.  See if you can spot our similes and alliteration....The oblong orange over balanced on the oval object; was he over ambitious? We were suspicious!

Well Done to numerous children who have taken their learning home with them and returned to school with poetry books and their own poems.

Maths has found us comparing objects and numbers. We have learned that a large quantity of resources does not always suggest the bigger number.  See if you can use the language of comparison at home.....more than, less, fewer, least, greater than, bigger and smaller.  Are there more words?

Although, it has been a busy term so far, everyone has made huge progress and should feel proud of their achievements.

You Brilliant Bunch!