It is all Adding up!

Half Term gave everyone a chance to take stock, rest and then rev up for Term 2; rev up we have!

The children should feel so proud of the way they have settled into Year Two. Each child has made noticeable strides in curiosity, motivation and determination, but best of all their confidence has really blossomed. Belief in yourself is a huge contribution to success.

So, what have we been up to? Well, on Monday we had an unexpected visitor. It was magical really. We had just returned from outside where we had been hunting for clues for our new English Text. We had found images of a Goose, Gold and Sacks. Although Mrs Swan was quite sure it was a story about ‘Father Christmas’ Farm’, the children were more sure it was ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. Endorsement of their views was given when who should appear in our Class Room, none other than, The Giant himself! We were able to ask him so many questions which he answered in a most fulsome manner. Thank you Giant Cyril for paying us a visit and satisfying our Curiosity! We think you should give up the smoking pipe though!

Maths has seen us build on our Place Value Knowledge and launch into Addition and Subtraction. We have been questioning and reasoning many Maths problems as well as improving our explanations.

The Montgolfier Brothers – inventors of the Hot Air Balloon, initially believed that smelly smoke raised a Hot Air Balloon! They burned damp straw, their shoes and smelly socks. We enjoyed going on the journey to their discovery and successful flight.

Good Luck everyone at the Sibford Cross Country on Thursday – it promises to be a lovely morning out for Year Two.