A Wonderful Week 1!

Well Done 2S for returning after the Christmas break with such enthusiasm for your learning.

In English the children have been imitating their new text, a shortened version of 'Little Boat' by Kathy Henderson. Their imitating has involved using words and actions, persussion to create a 'Sound Scape' and shared reading with their Reciprocal Reading Partners. The children have also identified key writing features in the text such as alliteration, similes, rhyme and rhythm and personification. The children will be developing their understanding of 'Personification' in week 2 using their senses.

3d shape has been the Maths focus. 2S have built on their excellent prior knowledge of 3d shape identification and developed their knowledge of 3d shape properties - vertices, faces and edges plus the recognition of 2d shapes in the faces. 

Our History topic began with the raising of the 'Titianic'. The children excelled themselves as Agents given the mission to raise her from the murky depths of the Atlantic Ocean. They used printing techniques, working reciprocally in groups and as individuals to create a fabulous mural giving them a sense of 'Awe and Wonder' linked to their future learning. The children have also completed extremely detailed sketches of the Titanic using shading and light to add interest. They have also begun to look at her structure through colour coding her cross section. 

2S have many questions they want to research and find out the answer to, one being 'How big was the Titanic?'. During Outdoor Learning the children measured out her length - approximately 269 metres (882 feet) which is approximately the length of 3 football pitches!

In Computing the children have begun to learn about 'what make a good photo'. They used the Bing search engine to search for photos of the Titanic. They discussed what were the real photographs - the black and white ones! They chose favourite ones they found interesting, were in focus with alot of detail. Very importantly, internet safety was reviewed before the children did their research!

Here's to a 'Terrific Week 2!'