A Terrific Two Weeks!

The children thoroughly enjoyed investigating 2d shape in week 5 culminating in finding symmetry in nature. With the help of their 'Angle Eaters' they investigated shapes with right angles. Well done 2S for the great response to your home learning - 'Finding right angles in objects around the home'. You showed an excellent understanding in the work you presented. This week the children used practical apparatus to develop their understanding of the method 'bridging 10'. They will continue to develop this to help them with mental strategies in the future. 

The innovation process was completed in English and the children have an excellent understanding of the features of an explanation text and have now invented their own texts for writing tomorrow! 

Connections were made in Science and History this week too.  The children made predicitions for the question - 'What will happen if you place a balloon on a bottle and place the bottle in a bowl of warm water?' The variety of predictions and plausible ideas about steam, gas and the stretching of rubber reflected just what Super little Scientists that they are!

It is difficult to believe that we are embarking on our last week of Term 2 and what a successful term it has been so far. Keep it up 2S - you are all Super Stars!