A Terrific Term 3

2S have been the greatest of ambassadors this term as motivated and focused learners. Their creative skills have been clear to see in beautiful, visual and emotive story writing and poetry that showcases just what a vast word bank of descriptive language the children have developed and freely use. 

They are becoming more adept at using methods of choice to solve calculations for the four operations and many now apply these strategies to solve word problems. Knowledge of multiplication and division facts is developing nicely. Watch out for 'Multiplication Pouches' which will be sent home in Term 4 to help the children develop this skill further.

French knitting has provided the opportunity for boys and girls alike to share their learning of a new skill confidently developed inorder that their peers can also develop their confident. The buzz of excitment and peer praise for each others efforts and success was lovely to see and hear. (photo)

Science and the Outdoor learning sessions have focused on 'Animals and their Habitats'. Activities have ranged from creating habitats around the world with models, find insect habitats in the school grounds, making bird feeders and researching and writing up a favourite habitat fact file.

Well done 2S!  Term 4 here we come!