A Terrific start to Term 2!

What a fantastic start to Term 2. All the children have returned motivated and ready to learn and their enthusiasm has been sustained all week.

English focused on the imitating of a new text, the traditional tale of 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. Despite it's length, the children have really taken ownership of the imitation. A giant's visits overnight to watch dvds caused alot of excitement and when the children got the opportunity to interview him (name of Fum!) they found out that giants don't have 'magic boxes' that have pictures, talking and music. They also found out that he was a vegetarian giant and he loves tea!  The giant visiting us was not Jack's giant but his nephew! Apparantly giants are all around us but we don't see them because the fairies have taught them how to hide. Fortunately, the children had a session on generating questions to ask a giant so they were well prepared. The majority of the children have developed the skill to ask HOT (Higher Order Thinking) questions were the responses may be varied and not obvious. They also recorded their question using the correct punctuation of a question mark and speech marks.

In Maths the children have been learning to measure in cm/m using metre sticks and rulers. Great fun was had doing 2 footed jumps with a partner and measuring them. They have shown their understanding of comparing lengths using the symbols < > =. For example 1m 23cm = 123cm. Rulers are rather exciting for measuring and drawing lines - who knewlaugh

The Montgolfier Brothers were the next event in the timeline of flight. The children's listening skills and ability to remember facts was outstanding! They were determined to record as many facts as they could either through drawings, bullet points or written paragraphs. Great pride was shown by all of the children.smiley

Outdoor Learning allowed the children to explore the picture 'The Snail' by Henri Matisse. Using large coloured paper shapes they recreated the image and then created their own fabulous works of art.  

We finished the week with the children being 'Super Scientists!'. They planned, carried out and recorded observations for an investigation that answered the question. 'What happens when you place an empty bottle into a pot of hot water with a balloon placed on top?' The investigation links to the experiments carried out by the Montgolfier brothers. Great excitment exuded when the balloon inflated. Did you know that hot air takes up more room than cold air which is why a hot air balloon can fly?

Week 2 will contain more investigations linked to flight...........wink