Settling just nicely!

What a busy week we have had! 

In English we innovated our Paddington best text just a little to make a new story about a Panda called Stand because he was found at Stanstead Airport. We loved thinking of new characters. Here are a few ideas we had, a polar bear, koala, tiger, lion, monkey, penguin and unicorn (of course!). We used our class map to find out where they might come from and though of further ideas for where they arrived at, what they ate and who might have found them. We thought of so many that Miss Staples wrote them on a 'Save it Box' so that we could use them in our inventions. We used a 'Boxing Up' grid to plan our stories (inventions) and Miss Staples is very excited about 'Writing Week' because we have got great imagination!

Maths has been all about ordering and comparing number. We used our knowledge of multiples of 10 to put missing numbers on number lines. We have revisited our Year 1 knowledge of using the < > symbols to compare number with a little help of Al the Aligator because he always eats the greatest number!

In Topic we learned about a mad Monk called Oliver who was influenced by the story of Daedalus and Icarus to build his own wings. He launched himself off the abbey tower and glided 200m to safety. We think it must have been very windy like this week for him to glide!

Outdoor Learning was windy fun too! We flew our kites so we could evaluate them and get ideas for when we design our own. 

Mrs Ducker is very pleased with how well we are working in Games. She said we are great little sports people.