Great work 2S!

2S have proven to be a very focused class of imaginative writers. It was such a pleasure reading their invented pieces based on the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Such imaginative young minds! This week also saw the introduction of their next text - an 'Information Text' - 'How to grow a Giant Beanstalk. On Thursday a 'funny little man' visited us with a jar of 'magic beans'. The class followed the instructions and held their beans tight before throwing them out of a slightly open class window. After a good nights sleep we discovered a Giant Beanstalk had grown with treasure sparkling at the bottom of it. A surprise that created a lot of chatter as to how it had got there!

Maths this week has been a huge success and a lot of fun! I know this to be true because the children told me so! The children developed position and direction skills so successfully using practical apparatus that it allowed them to create routes of their own which their peers then navigated by following instructions given. They could only achieve this using very accurate language such as 1/4 turn left/right or clockwise/anticlockwise, number of steps forward and backwards. Well Done 2S!

In Outdoor Learning the children discussed the qualities of a 'good friend' and wrote their ideas on a large leaf. These are going to be laminated and attached to the Giant Beanstalk to turn it into a 'Kindness Tree'.

The children may mention they are now having another lesson called SpaG - Spelling and Grammar. This focuses on more challenging spelling rules, punctuation and tenses. Sentence types and structures will also feature. Each child has their own colour book of activities which they will do 4 times a week. So far it has been quite a hit! 

The Bloxtivity preparations are underway and children with speaking parts will be receiving them this week.