An Eggciting Week 3!


What a Wonderful Wednesday!

As part of the children's 'Fantastic Flight' topic, Mrs Oatridge kindly arranged for a rather special glider to visit the school. The Arcur is one of only 250 of her type. Her wingspan of 20m meant that special wheels were needed to support them during the build. The children were genuinely excited and in awe of her size and they patiently waited and watched until she was completed. It was worth it! The children then produced some fabulously detailed sketches of  George Caley's gliding machine that inspired it's invention. 

Science Friday!

The story 'Egg Drop' by Mini Grey provided the inspiration for an investigation. The children were set the challenge of making a parachute that could hold an egg and float safely to the ground. 2S worked diligently, supported each other and constantly 'piggy backed' ideas to produce a range of designs.  3 children were successful, however the majority of the parachutes did fly despite the strong winds! More importantly the children had fun!

The cover photo is a Rememberance Poppy creatively made by the childrensmiley