A Creative Week!

This week the emphasis has most definitely been on the Arts.  Play rehearsals are in full swing, preparing for a performance after the Easter Break. 2S proved to be enthusiastic and skilful 'French Knitters' and those that needed to be a little resilient triumphed in the end often with the help of their peers. The children also learned that one of the few rooms that remained fairly intact on the Titanic after her sinking was the Turkish Baths. The tiled walls were vibrant blues and greens with a decorative pattern inspired by nature.  With this is mind, the children collected natural objects and did rubbings in outdoor learning.  They kept many of the objects to use for printing a design on a clay tile inspired by those on the Titanic.

In Reciprocal Read the children have begun to create a new character - the '5th Voice'.  For those unfamiliar with the text, each key character is a dog owner and of the course the dog is representative of that character.  The children looked at fact files of many popular dogs and used the information about their temperament, colouring, size etc to design an owner.  Character description is the children's next English focus and their newly created will be integral to their learning. 

Another fantastic week 2S!