An Active Autumn Week of Learning!

A wonderful week of learning 2S Well Done! 

In Maths the children explored measure and developed their confidence in measuring in cm and metres firstly outdoors measuring each others 2 footed jumps followed by finding objects of a given measurement. The children also compared measurements using <> sybmbols and some extended their understanding by finding equal measurements in cm and m and cm for example 1m 20cm = 120cm.

The great Autumnal outdoors was also the setting for their first English lesson through an orienteering activity which allowed the children to identify the next best text - Jack and the Beanstalk. The children have thoroughly enjoyed imitating the text standing up all the way through it to add to their action making. How else can they imitate thundering footsteps - Fi Fi Fo Fum! 

More active learning took place in Outdoor Learning hunting for leaves and creating art and models ranging from birds nests, collages and homes for hedgehogs. This followed the children developing their understanding of why leaves turn certain colours according to the amount of sunlight and cold weather they are exposed to.

Further outdoor fun was enjoyed after the children had completed making their kites which they had designed earlier in the week. All the kites flew successfully despite the light winds. I do hope you have fun on a much windier day as the children worked so hard on their own kites and also supported others to complete theirs.

Reciprocal learning has been at the fore of all the children's learning this week and is a delight to see.

I have almost run out of 'Kind and Caring' stickers this week too!