2S Catch Up!

2S have been truly busy the last few days.  They have produced writing of an excellent quality that is imaginative, with many descriptive features such as similes, alliteration and the Power of 3. It is well punctuated and the children's spelling prowess is developing nicely. Thank you again for supporting the learning of their daily spellings.  2S, you are 'Superstar Spellers'.

Maths has been several days of making links and applying skills in different ways.  The children are really confident counting in steps of 2, 5 and 10 and some are now working on confidently counting in steps of 3 and 4 (Check out their multiplications pouches soon for new cards) wink The children have used this skill to help them make money amounts and solve word problems. Today they began to transfer this skill but represent it using arrays for multiplications. 'Marvellous Mathematicians' once again 2S.

Several RE session have focused on the Christmas story - it's that time of year! There has been an emphasis on understanding and reflecting on the true symbols and meaning of the story. The maturity and range of responses has been enlightening and it is refreshing to see that the children stand by their own opinions and are not swayed or persuaded by those of their friends.

However persuasion has its place and through the art of discussion in a debate it was an integral feature.  A 'motion' was proposed last Friday that 'The Giants should be allowed to keep their valuable possessions'.  The children chose whether they were 'for' the motion or 'against' the motion. The children who were unsure became the audience. They generated questions to ask both sides so that they could form their own conclusion. The 'for' and 'against' children had to justify their thoughts and persuade the audience to be on their side.  Unfortunately, for the giants, the majority decided that the giants should not be allowed to keep all their precious possessions. Merryl's summing up 'against' the motion was extremely persuasive and included the thoughts of her debate team. 

Motion denied because

"Giants are lazy creatures and spend all their gold on getting the power of invisibility from the fairies (Well done Kiara, you remembered this fact from interviewing the giant 'Fum'.) 

They shouldn't do this because we need to see them because they are dangerous.  One way we can find out if they are there is the ground shaking from their booming feet.  I want to tell you more though why we are against giants keeping their possessions. Have you seen the people sleeping on the streets? Well the giants should share their possessions so that humans can buy food, water and comfy bedding (Merryl's own contribution developed by ideas from Beatrice and Grace). It isn't fair that some people are poor and the giants are very rich (contribution by Jake and Jacob. Their enormous belongings, the harp, giants golden eggs and sacks of gold are dangerous to little children' (Kian and Alfie B also supported by T-J) and get in the humans way.

Would this speech have persuaded you?noyes