We are Pilots

We have had a busy few weeks in 2J. We have enjoyed sharing our learning about the new houses and the children have produced some amazing work. Well done to all those who entered and have earnt points for their house.

In Maths are focus continues to be place value and all the children are growing in confidence as they explain their reasons to the class. We have had some fantastic lessons using resources as we have explored numbers and even created a human number line. Next week we will be moving onto comparing and ordering numbers.

In topic the children have been inspired by the Greek myth of Daedalus and Icarus, they have written summaries of the story and produced some wonderful sketches to go with them. Later this week we are going to build on our topic of Flight and link our outdoor learning lesson around position and direction to our Computing as we think about being pilots.

Thank you for all the wonderful harvest donations. 2J have certainly created a very full box!