The Unsinkable Ship

Year 2 have had a busy and enjoyable start to the term. The highlight this week was receiving a secret mission in a wax sealed envelope. We had great fun guessing what was inside, however, we soon discovered that we were going to need art t-shirts.

On Tuesday morning year 2 arrived as secret agents and successful used their reciprocal learning skills to help them print an amazing Titanic image. They also explored using charcoal and have created some amazing sketches of the ship. 

The week has continued with a boat theme as the children have begun to plan their stories based on our best text The Little Boat. The children have had some amazing ideas of tiny toy boats being sucked down waterfalls. I can't wait to read their finished pieces next week.

The week was finished on a muddy yet enjoyable outdoor learning lesson as we discovered that the Titanic was longer than our school grounds and very narrow. We are looking forward to finding out more next week.