Who has the bigger half?

We have learnt a new text map about keeping lions safe – it is an information text, specifically a persuasive text. We looked at the structure of the content and moved it about – which did not affect the understanding. However, we all ended up with the title at the top as we said this was important to know what the text is.

In Maths we have been learning more about money. We have been making amounts using different coins and looked at how many pennies are the same as other coins. We think it would be much better to carry a £2 coin rather than 200 pennies – think what would happened if you miscounted, that is a lot of counting!

We also have learnt about ½ and ¼ this week too! We know that fractions have to be in equal parts and there is no such thing as a bigger half!

Word of the week: fractions

Thought of the week: ‘You’ll never get anywhere if you go about what iffing like that!” Roald Dahl