Christmas Feeing!

In Maths we have been adding and subtracting. We also used crocodiles to help us compare numbers.

Our wreaths are up in the classroom so there is a nice Christmasy feel! We were able to see Foundation and Pre-School’s nativity this week – they were amazing!

In RE we thought about special gifts and how Jesus is a special gift to Christians. We thought about what special gift we would have given. Some of our ideas included a rattle, cuddly toy and blanket. We knew what we gave had to be special so some of us would have give our favourite toy!

We made our juice in DT. We evaluated them by tasting, smelling them and seeing what they looked like – they were very good!

Word of the week:special gifts

Thought of the week: This week it was all about ‘The Voice’ and how there is a little voice in side us telling us to do the right thing.