Busy Week!

In Maths we were partitioning to help us add numbers together. We have also been finding the difference by counting on, using a number line to help us.

For English we have finished innovating our stories ready to write them next week. We need to think about using: finger spaces, cursive handwriting, full stops, question marks, exclamation marks, and importantly adjectives. Lots to think about – we can do it!

During Jigsaw we were learning about when we need careful hands or think about where we leave things such as: hammers, scissors and what to do if we find empty bottles that we are unsure of.

In Science we learnt about jelly fish! Did you know jellyfish can be as small as a pinhead? Some are as big as a human!

Word of the week: tentacles/brain

Thought of the week: ‘I think I may paint a family portrait now. That is, if I have enough paint left for all the smiles.’ Paddington.