On Tuesday 22nd May we took 36 children (4 teams) from Years 4-6 to the Warriner Partnership Quad Kids Athletics competition.  The children were in mixed boy/girls teams of 8-10 children. Each child took part in 4 events: middle distance run, sprint, vortex throw and long jump. Our children had already worked hard to earn their place on the squad and now faced the challenge of competing against top athletes from other schools. I am pleased to say that they all received and deserved a certificate of determination for their efforts. They were amazing in terms of their behaviour, sportsmanship and athleticism. Well done to all: Thomas Finlay, Alfie John Smith, Luke Alexander, Rylie Jakeman, Charlotte Carter, Martha Simons, Abi Ward, Ava Rose, Iris Jackson, Charlie Stapleton, Barney Russell-Newman, Aaron Gibbs, Ben Johnson, Eve Risbridger, Molly Sanderson, Ella Warner, Amelie De Lukowicz, Toby Clinkard, Gabe Gregory, Joe Lailey, Kajus Ringys, Ed Hardy, Kiera Stegall, Ruby Stead, Eleanor Puddle, Ava Morris, Ruby Casewell, Luca King, Max Pomroy, Kyle McLeod, Jesse Carter, Grant Wolbert, Eliza Barton, Lottie De Lukowicz, Martha Jackson and Charlotte Ash-Burton Dunning.

One of our teams from Y5/6 and one from Year 4 won the event by gaining the most points out of all of the teams taking part, so will go onto the North Oxfordshire finals on June 19th. A special mention to the following children who finished in the top three as an individual: Toby Clinkard 1st place, Gabe Gregory 3rd, Kiera Stagall 2nd and Thomas Finlay 1st place and Charlotte Carter 2nd place in the Y5/6 competition.