Change 4 Life Celebration

On Thursday 10th May a group of children from Year 3-4 took part in the Change 4 Life Celebration Festival at Banbury Academy. The children thoroughly enjoyed taking part in all the different activities, including Prisoner Dodgeball, Boccia (like Bowls), Parachute Games and finally Archery. It was lovely to see the children trying their hardest and embracing the theme of Self Belief. Well done to the following children, who received their certificates in assembly last Friday: Isla Butt-Gow, Reuben Hearn, Catarina Williams, Charlotte De Lukowicz, Amber Fraser, Dasiy Rafill, Eva Angel, Freja Williams, Katie McKenna, Jack Teesdale, Ethan McCullough, Annie Weller, Gabriel Townsend, Joshua Henderson, Alissa Schulz, Samuel Smith, Louisa Redford, Poppy Fitton-Alvarez, Millie Fitton-Alvarez and Emily Wickstead.

Annie and Samuel also received the Self Belief certificate.

  • Archery
  • Dodgeball