I can't believe it's that time of year again when we, as teachers, are reflecting on your children's learning and writing reports. This year your child’s report will be sent home on Wednesday 11th July.  Here are some pointers to help you get the most out of the report.


The standards of focus are:

A – Excellent level of focus                 B – Good level of focus

C – Satisfactory level of focus            D – Greater focus needed


We have deliberately avoided using effort as a measure. It isn’t always possible to assess a child’s effort through their work, e.g. written work can be of a high standard but the child has put very little effort into it.

You will notice that there is a separate box noting your child’s next steps with their learning, indicated by SMART targets.






This will give you some pointers as to how you could help your child with their learning if you so wish.


At Bloxham C of E Primary School we want to instil certain habits and attitudes to enable our pupils to be more confident in their own learning ability. By becoming stronger learners pupils will: concentrate more, learn faster and better, think harder and find learning more enjoyable.

Today’s schools need to be educating not just for exam results but for lifelong learning. To help the children build their learning power we teach the children the 5Rs of learning based on research developed by Guy Claxton:


  • Resilient

  • Resourceful

  • Reflective,

  • Reciprocal

  • Responsible

Through these 5Rs the children will achieve greater success and reach their full potential as learners.

Non core subjects are also included in the 5Rs of effective learning. This will be focusing on the skills acquired rather than the curriculum content which has already been covered in the curriculum maps given out each term.


Your child also has the opportunity to comment on their strengths and what they feel are the next steps with their learning. Peer comments are also included in the report, not necessarily written by your child’s close friends but by randomly picked peers. In circle time a small group of children will have discussed each others qualities and skills.

Either Mr Ingal or myself, the Deputy Head,  will add a comment as we are sure you and your child would like to feel their achievements have been recognised.

The report is sent home for you to discuss with your child. We are sure you will want to celebrate your child’s successes and discuss with them their next steps in their learning.

Please fill in and send the parental slip back to school to the class teacher. Your comments are so important to us and the HT/DHT will be made aware of what you have said.