Curriculum Maps

Today your child will be bringing home their curriculum map to share with you. And what a delight it was for me reading about all the exciting things your child will be learning about. I have already witnessed a massive, and I mean massive, resurrection of the Titanic taking place in the hall. Children in year 2 were all involved in using various print techniques to make the Titanic in all its glory. The children are already talking about the amazing liner and why we still talk about it today and they will also be finding out about some of the people on board. All of this is part of our history curriculum finding out about a significant event beyond living memory. I could wax lyrical about each year group as they all will be studying various interesting and fascinating topics.

The range of English texts studied in each year group is equally diverse and will catch the interest of even the most reticent child. In year 6 they will be using a Prologue for the story ‘Beauty and the Beast’. The narrative text examines the relationship between two sisters named Love and Death and their wager over the Beast.  The text gives the children the opportunity to explore how descriptive language and speech aids an author in defining character. I love how the texts inspire the children to write their own narratives and the highlight for me is when some children are able to bring their creations for me to read.

I’m sure you will take great delight in reading these curriculum maps and finding out about the adventures that await your child.