Word Power

In a break from my usual weekly blog,  I have this week chosen an extract of a piece of writing by one of our year 6 children. Another Inspiring Young Mind.

The alleyway

I heard the howling wind unsettle the crimson leaves. An inky shadow flicked back and forth, the flashing lampposts illuminating the grimy alleyway. Withering bushes sprouted from the grubby ground. I felt spots of cold rain splattering my furiously sweaty face.

Concealed behind a bristly bush, I watched the dreaded shadow draw nearer. My hairs stood on end as my moist eyes flickered nervously and bulged with fear. All of a sudden the fragile lights went out. I was petrified. My throbbing heart pumped viciously, giving my body a ray of shallow hope. The charcoal blotch of a shadow got larger and larger as I felt smaller and smaller.

It had been the usual Saturday evening. My friends and I had gone to the park. I forgot my bag on the way home, so I raced back. I must have taken a wrong turn because I found myself in an alleyway, and a dark figure appeared.

Dense smoke wafted nonchalantly from recently discarded cigarettes, and gum littered the alleyway. Shattered glass was strewn everywhere and the bricks had crumbled away. Mould extended over the walls as I scuttled behind some tree roots. It smelt like rotting food here, but there was a swift gust of wind carrying a stench of blood. My head felt as light as air and I swayed silently. I saw a gleam of silver flecked with scarlet. I stifled a scream as my lungs shrivelled up like scrunched paper. I froze. Where had the shadow gone?