Wonderful Easter Celebrations- and I was the April Fool!

Our Partnership Foundation Stage Unit had their Easter Celebration on Tuesday and once again they delighted the assembled group of parents, grandparents and friends. There really is something very special about 3,4 and 5 year olds leading the celebration and once again this year they excelled, whether they be reading, singing, reciting poems with leading the audience in a prayer. The memory of them singing Hot Cross Buns in a round will certainly stay with many of us who were lucky enough to hear it for a long time- it was wonderful.

In a different style, but equally uplifting was our Easter Service on Thursday. Once again, there were a large number of parents and grandparents in Church for the service. I have written before about the pride I feel being part of the school community during these Church Services and this was certainly the case again on Thursday. The children sang, read and acted with such composure and skill it was a delight to be there.

Finally, on Wednesday 2 girls from year 3 came and spoke with me outside on the playground at lunchtime about just how much they had enjoyed their morning at Warriner Farm and in particular seeing the lambs that had only recently been born. “We were so good, that they let us bring a lamb back to the classroom. It is in a box for us to look after.”  They were so proud, with on hindsight just a slight glint in their eye. I was delighted form them, if not a little surprised.  It was only after a couple of seconds when a colleague reminded me that it was indeed Wednesday 1st April that I fully appreciated that it had not been the sun which had cause the twinkle in their eyes. I did smile. More Inspiring Young Minds.