Team work and Safeguarding

We had our annual health and safety  last week. The auditor scrutinised the 20+ page spreadsheet and the accompanying files (both paper and electronic). As part of the process she met a number of members of staff who had worked on producing and collating all the information, plus our Health and Safety Governor. After a couple of hours she stopped and said that she visited a number of schools undertaking the annual audits and she had very rarely come across a school where there was such strong atmosphere and culture of team work.


Her reference to team work made me think of what I had seen that day at break time and how important it was to ensure that children of all ages have at least the opportunity of working and playing together. There had been a group of girls, about 15 in total, who looked like the included children from all year groups from 1-6. They were laughing and playing together throughout break and really enjoying being in each other’s company. It was a very simple but special memory.


We have recently added an additional section to our website front page about safeguarding of children, both in school and outside. We hope that you find the information useful- any feedback would of course be gratefully received.