The cover image, created by Isaac Findlay, now in year 6, is entitled, “I hate lockdown”. Originally submitted initially to the Bloxham School Competition, it was selected as one of three finalists for the wider Ashmolean Competition. Isaac has recently heard that he  was the runner up in this county wide competition with over 1200 entries; my image does not do his artwork justice so if you want to see it for real it is now being displayed in the Museum itself until the New Year.

Many children and adults were disappointed that they were not able to take part in the Oxford Half Marathon earlier this term. So instead, all the children in from years 1-6 ran a mile around the school field yesterday, joined by a number of members of staff, which was enjoyed by all. One of the inevitable consequences of recent times is that we have not been able to enjoy shared experiences and it was so good to see yesterday once again all year groups able to take part (albeit of course at different times) in a common, shared activity.

We were unable to hold our traditional Harvest Service at St. Mary’s Church this year. So undaunted as much as we can be at this current time, all classes created their own Harvest Service video which was sent to parents last week. Sadly, it looks increasingly likely that we will not be able to have our Nativities with parents in either school or the Church this year, so plans are already being created to produce another memorable way of celebrating Christmas at our school.