It really was another hugely successful FOBPS firework spectacular on Friday. The wonderful late Autumn/early winter weather helped boost the crowd to record numbers. The display itself was very impressive and thoroughly enjoyed by all. There were many new members of FOBPS volunteering, as well as many well established members of the committee. As in previous years a large number of staff gave up their Friday night to ensure that it was such a successful occasion. Yes, it was a long day for all concerned but another really successful community occasion.

Earlier in the week we were lucky enough to welcome Selena Evangeline to our school. She is a professional gospel singer who certainly inspired our 90+ members of the choir as she worked with them for the day. She taught them some songs from her Canadian heritage before leading an impromptu concert to the rest of the school. It was a really spectacular and memorable day for all of us.

Maths may not always be described as spectacular but it certainly was last week for some of our year 6 children. They were using algebra to calculate unknown numbers. It was wonderful to see the enthusiasm and excitement in their faces as they enjoyed finding the patterns and understood the basic principles of this mathematical concept. It also reminded me just how much we now expect from our oldest children in school. It was clear that they were really thriving on the challenge.