Safety First

As part of our wide-ranging curriculum we arranged for a haulage company to come to school last week to explain the potential dangers that large articulated lorries can pose for everyone. It certainly was extremely thought provoking to see just how far back you have to be before the drivers of these large vehicles can see you in their mirrors. It was also quite remarkable the amount of noise that there had to be outside before any driver would stand a chance of hearing your presence near the vehicle.

The quality of music provision, both within and outside of the class based curriculum has been a distinguishing characteristic of our school for many years and I know from talking with both current and prospective parents it is a real attraction of our school. The good news is that we have added yet another string to our bow- some children are now enjoying drumming lessons and by the look on their faces as they finished the lessons they are a real hit.

I have blogged before about just how motivating work with children can be and one of the real joys is their motivations and enthusiasm. One day last week a child in year 4 read to me his excellent writing, explaining that he has started writing a book and is going to sell a chapter a week for the benefit of various charities that he continued to return to my office. Not only his work but his determination (he reported to me that he had to return at least 4 times during the day but was adamant that I was going to read his work) and social conscience provided evidence of  another Inspiring Young Mind.