Road to Safety

Last week our year 6 took part in a cycling safety programme called “Bikeabilty”, which is like the Cycling Proficiency that many of us will remember from our own childhoods. Undaunted by rain and wind during both their training and assessment sessions out on the road, all those taking part achieved Level 2. I was impressed by how they approached their time outside on the road, particularly taking into account the tricky conditions. I know they enjoyed the course; as I said to them on Friday its success will not be measured in the presentation of badge and certificate but in the consistent implementation of their newly acquired skills to keep them safe.

We have recently taken another step on the road to school pre March 2020 by welcoming  back regular visitor and volunteers. We have really missed having them in school for the last 18 months and it has been a real pleasure to see them back in school. Talking with them upon their return, it is clear that they have also really missed being able to come into school over recent months. Long may this mutually beneficial arrangement continue in the future.

In June, the Cherry Tree Centre is also starting sessions in person as opposed to virtual. Initially at least, the numbers will have to be limited, but it will be another step in the right direction. I know that the group has been really missed and offers real support and help to many families. Further details are on their Facebook page or please contact the school office for further information if that is easier for you to do.