Random Acts of Kindness

New uniform, shiny shoes and late summer sun are all characteristics of that very special time of the year- the beginning of the Academic Year. It really is an excellent time to be working in schools as, alongside the new uniform, the enthusiasm and determination of both children and adults to ensure that the new year gets off to a successful start is very evident.

During the first week back there were random acts of kindness from a wide range of stakeholders at our school. Alongside the politeness and courtesy evident on a daily basis, I heard about two children who ensured that they did the right thing when they found a mobile phone in the park. Due to their honesty, alongside the power of social media the phone was able to be returned to its rightful and very grateful owner.

On Friday a parent gave us a double bass as his parents weren’t able to use it any longer and they wanted to ensure that it was given to somewhere who would make the most of the donation.  Alongside the generosity of donating the instrument they also offered to have it serviced if it proved to be necessary before it was used. Such kindness put a spring in my step for the rest of the day.

During last week there were many examples of members of staff supporting each other with real kindness. The details are unimportant but it did confirm for me that we have a very special group of professionals working at our school.