Perk of the Job

This year our year 6 children are doing a range of learning activities on Friday afternoons, including cooking. There was a real sense of excitement and anticipation as they embarked upon making scones. It was excellent to see the pride in the children as they took home their own scones. I can confirm that the results of their endeavours were excellent, with the clotted cream and jam finishing them off splendidly.

The details of the clubs on offer for the Autumn term were sent home during the week and the enthusiasm for the clubs was very clear. We are fortunate at our school that so many staff continue to be willing to give up their own time to run after school clubs, ranging from yoga and other sporting activities, number of musical opportunities, minecraft club, Church Club, art and craft, plus other clubs hosted at Bloxham School.

We have only been back for just over 2 weeks, but one of the key features for me of last week was the conversation amongst members of staff about the progress the children are already making in their learning. Yes, it is early days, but from these small acorns, great oak tress of progress will grow.