Open for More

I, like many others, was apprehensive about Monday. Due to the calm, focused, professional response of colleagues, it became very clear very quickly early in the week that my concern was unnecessary. 

Yes, we made minor changes to our original plans after the first couple of days, but nevertheless it is has been a really successful week. It has been excellent to see smiles and hear the sound of laughter coming from more of the school again as the week has progressed. As well as of course, seeing high quality teaching and learning taking place. In the words of one of the children, “It feels like normal school but with a few new rules.”

As a school we never closed. We continued to welcome children throughout term 5 and the Easter Holidays, including providing both before and after school care during this time. I continue to be really grateful for colleagues who continued to ensure that we provided high quality provision during this time, without much consideration for the own safety, particularly during those early days of lockdown in March and April when nobody was really sure how the next few weeks would unfold. The support that we received from parents, Governors and other members of school community made a real difference as we endeavoured to help key workers undertake their vital roles.