Notable Week

Our year 3 children are currently studying Ancient Egypt. As part of this work they have made some wonderful pyramids as part of their home learning.  On one day the children also dressed up in Egyptian clothes and worked with two experts who came to our school to work with the children. This particular topic has certainly inspired the children and it is clear that they are very curious about this ancient civilisation.

As I am sure many people know, last week was the year 6 SATs. The children don’t get their results until early July, but I was very impressed in the manner the children approached these tests and they should be really proud of their maturity both during and before last week. As I told them last Friday the important part of the year is still to come, not just because the learning in the remaining weeks is the only  that they can now change, but also because there are so many interesting activities for them before the end of term. As an aside I know that there are a number of KS2 SAT papers (not the ones from last week until 24th May) on line. Have a go and see for yourself the standards and knowledge the year 6 children are expected to know.

Amongst the range of events, the highlight for me last week was undoubtedly reading with a child from our middle phase, who until recently had found reading hard work. They were so enthusiastic and proud to be sharing their reading ability with me. However many years you have been involved in education these continue to be special moments. Another example of an Inspiring Young Mind.