Not so much morning after the night before but afternoon before the evening

Yes, the football result helped as did the weather, but the production of Midsummer’s Night Dream yesterday was wonderful. With an audience of approximately 500 settled on the school field, the children performed with great skill and enthusiasm, whether they were singing, dancing or acting. It really was a wonderful evening, and one which will linger in the memory of all those who were lucky enough to be there for a long time. Events such as these are what primary school memories should be made.

Productions such as these can only take place when people give of their time and expertise willingly and freely. Thank you to all those members of staff and adults who did so. It really was another example of where everyone working together achieves more.

“You look much younger in your badge than you look now” I was informed by a year 2 child last week, and of course he is right. We then had a discussion about how many years had passed since the date on my badge, 2010 and that this was before he was born. This certainly gave him food for thought and reminded me once again of one of the joys of working with children.