No stopping us

For the last couple of years we have been really fortunate in that the weather has been wonderful when we have taken part in the Children’s Run in Oxford as part of the Oxford Half Marathon. This wasn’t the case this year, as heavy sustained rain continued throughout not only the 90 minute build up, but the run itself. Nevertheless, both children and staff took part undaunted and perhaps because the conditions were so poor, it provided an even more memorable occasion. There was a real sense of determination and pride on everyone’s faces as we all reached the finishing line.

We have recently held our Harvest Service in St. Mary’s Church, Bloxham. Once again, it was standing room only in the church with a very large number of parents, carers and grandparents there for the service. It was quite simply a wonderful, uplifting service, with some memorable singing and contributions from each year group. Looking round I could see that many people of all ages felt the same, as witnessed by a tear in a number of people's eyes during some of the singing in particular. In the words of 1 year 1 girl who will remain anonymous when she was talking to me at lunchtime, "It was really good this morning wasn't it; it was a good effort." 

At this time of year a number of children love going to the fair in Banbury. For our Foundation children it was better than that; on Friday the fair come to them. The staff had prepared a wide range of activities, stalls and games for the children to enjoy within the room. I was given my ticket and really enjoyed taking part- it really was all the fun of the fair.