Lungs of the School

At this time of the academic year I am fortunate enough to show a number of prospective parents around our school. I often say to parents that they will know as they walk round the school whether this is the school for their child. As we go from class to class I feel a real sense of pride as I see and sense just how impressed the parents are with the work taking place and the atmosphere in school. Whilst we may not a new building this does bring the advantage of giving us a very large amount of outdoor space at our school. Invariably this does really surprise prospective parents as well as just how it is being used for children’s learning.

Understandably, those parents who are looking for a Foundation Stage place in September 2019 want to spend time in our Foundation Stage Unit. The children are so settled and clearly enjoying being in school that the visitors find it very hard to believe that the children have only been in school for about 1 month.

One of the activities that were taking place outside on Friday afternoon was the session preparing the year 6 for their cycling test taking place on the playground. From next week they move to cycling on the road as the next part of learning the vital skills of being able to use their bike safely. Of course this type of activity would not be possible without the support and commitment of parent volunteers who give of their time so willingly for the benefit of the children.