Living History

Our year 5 children are currently studying World War Two. Last week they went to Holdenby House, dressed as children from that period of time, along with of course their gas mask box. Later in the week Bloxham Museum very kindly lent us the air raid siren which was heard echoing around our school grounds. On Friday, the children brought into school their very impressive models of Anderson Shelters that they had made as part of their home learning. There were some very impressive creations, using a wide range of materials.

One of the learners also brought into school a remarkable array of artefacts that they had found recently found at the home of one of the members of their family. I was utterly enthralled not only by the items but also by the way he described them and in particular the evidence of the different generations in the objects. It really was both fascinating and inspirational talking with him.

The creation of all children and in particular those in Foundation Stage can’t help to put a smile on your face. On Friday a child made “strap on car” out of a very large cardboard box. On one end of the box there was a P and the other L.  She then explained very clearly and with a broad smile that her mum was taking her driving test that day and if she had passed it would be the P that was on display. If she hadn’t; I am sure you can guess. Inspirational Young Minds.