Lest we forget

There has been a real theme this week of remembering the impact of events and people in the past on our world today.

Over the last couple of weeks, all the classes have created some remarkable artwork based on soldiers from the First World War. This has been part of our work as a school recognising the 100th Anniversary of the First Armistice Day. The Pupil Parliament representatives from our year 6 classes will be attending the Remembrance Service on Sunday before we hold our own silent tribute on Monday at 11.00am.

Following on from  the excellent work last week on Canadian heritage, this week all year groups have presented their work to the whole school on the impact of a number of people during recent times. We all found out more about Maya Angelou, Mary Seacole, Bessie Coleman, Benjamin Zephaniah, Walter Tull, Rosa Parks and Jesse Owens, as well as the impact of 2Tone music over recent times. There were plays, songs, poems as well as physical activity celebrating the impact of the outstanding and in some cases, unknown people. It really was wonderful and excellent example of a broad balanced curriculum.

Hearing their stories gave us all the opportunity of reflecting on the importance of valuing and respecting all individuals.