As it used to be

There have been many occasions this week when it was almost like business as usual, or perhaps more, accurately, school as it used to be. It was wonderful to see the children enjoying their learning and all colleagues concentrating on their teaching. Yes, the spring sunshine helped, but it was much more than that. Whilst we are of course, continuing with our robust and rigorous control measures, the atmosphere in and around school was more relaxed from both children and adults alike- long may it continue.

As I have commented upon on many occasions, one of the best aspects of my job is being able to talk with children. One lunchtime this week I was talking with the children and the conversation turned to what they wanted to do in the future. “I am going to be a vet,” I was told by one very well informed member of year 6. “I know it takes 7 years to train, but I have done the Maths and worked out that it will cost £63000 in fees, but I think it will be worth it.” As well as making me smile about his knowledge and understanding of current system of funding higher education, I was full of admiration for his determination and apparent commitment to aim for his long-term objective. Another example of an Inspiring Young Mind.